Content Creators

Kevin 'Noizeeh' Jaskiewicz

''I started my days on Twitch back in 2013 with speedrunning, mainly running Super Mario 64 where I ended up at the top of the leaderboards during my career, I also traveled to multiple events such as ESA in Europe.

When Overwatch came out I tried competing and I reached top 500 every season that I played but ended up quitting after the first year to focus on Battle Royale games which led to me competing professionally in Fortnite for over two years.

Now I’m creating VALORANT for EXCEL fulltime. My main goal is to create quality content that everybody can both enjoy and learn from while improving as a player and getting as good as I possibly can!''

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Stuart 'Itzstu4rt' Gilson

''I started off this journey through mobile gaming and Wild Rift in January when the game released and since then I have been able to grow a community and help thousands of people climb to the top!

I'm currently challenger which is the highest rank in Wild Rift and I offer educational content to help people that might not know too much about MOBA's and League Of Legends in general, from champion guides to tips on how to climb.

My goals are to become the go to place for all things Wild Rift and to continue to help and support everyone to reach their goals of becoming the best!''

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Wild Rift

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