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Stop The War

We are deeply saddened by the shocking invasion of Ukraine which has caused unimaginable devastation for its people.

While we hope for a swift and peaceful resolution there are many people who have already lost their homes and are fleeing their country.

We stand for peace and want to show our solidarity by supporting humanitarian aid efforts helping to provide people with a safe place to live. So we have created our ‘STOP THE WAR’ campaign to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee which aims to support displaced refugees.

We will be releasing bespoke 'STOP THE WAR' hoodies for fans to purchase, with all revenues donated to charity and we will be donating a further £10,000 towards the charity relief.

Your full donation amount will go directly to the charity.

War is abhorrent and we want to do what we can to try and help.

You can learn more about the Disasters Emergency Committee and where to donate here:

Below are some other great charities you can donate to:


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