EXCEL ESPORTS announces Sony’s INZONE gaming gear brand as Official Gaming Headsets & Monitor Partner

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Together, EXCEL & Sony’s INZONE gaming gear will bring esports fans truly elite gaming experiences

EXCEL will use Sony’s innovative INZONE gaming headsets and monitors to provide players the greatest chance of competitive success in upcoming global esports competitions

Sony’s INZONE and EXCEL will also support the esports community by promoting a culture of healthy esports competition

London: November 29th, 2022: British competitive gaming culture brand EXCEL ESPORTS is pleased to announce Sony’s INZONE gaming gear brand as its Official Gaming Headsets & Monitor Partner. Established earlier this year, INZONE is Sony’s new gaming brand that sharpens the senses and maximises gaming ability of its users. The 12-month partnership will see EXCEL use Sony’s innovative INZONE headsets and monitors to elevate its performance when competing in the world’s largest esports competitions.


Through a shared vision of helping gamers become the best versions of themselves, Sony’s INZONE and EXCEL will bring esports fans truly elite gaming experiences, support the esports community, and promote a culture of healthy esports competition. The partnership will see collaboration both online and offline with unique experiences and content that showcases how INZONE is taking esports to the next level. Details for these will be revealed soon.

INZONE embraces Sony’s expertise as a pioneer in audio-visual technology, delivering features that will help immerse players into the action. INZONE monitors boast high-resolution and high-dynamic range picture with 1ms GtG (Gray to Gray) response time for quicker reactions. INZONE headsets include superior audio and 360 spatial sound for gaming, and the flagship INZONE H9 headset has multiple noise cancelling microphones that keep out any performance disturbing noise - it is the same Dual Noise Sensor Technology used in Sony’s industry-leading 1000X series headphones.

By partnering with EXCEL, Sony will be contributing to EXCEL’s winning performance through these technologies that are core to gaining an edge in competitive gaming.

"Sony has led innovation in gaming technology for years now, and that’s why we’re beyond excited to announce Sony’s INZONE as our Official Gaming Headsets & Monitor Partner. With industry-leading noise cancellation technology, groundbreaking spatial audio features, and jaw-dropping displays, Sony’s INZONE products are engineered for victory, and we can’t wait to see how they will support our players in reaching new heights on the global stage."
Mark Carter, Commercial Director, EXCEL ESPORTS
"Sony has been present in the gaming market for decades and as of recently started expanding into the professional PC and console gaming market with its INZONE headsets and monitors, which are engineered to elevate gamers’ ability to achieve victory. Partnering with EXCEL, who are a leading esports team comprising incredibly talented individuals, offers a compelling platform for Sony to support and engage with the competitive gaming community."
Adrian Price-Hunt, Head of Video and Sound, Sony Europe
“As a team manager I understand the importance of our players having the best-in-class audio equipment in order to play at their best. With Sony’s INZONE H9 headset having multiple noise cancelling properties, and the INZONE M9 monitor offering superior image quality and super-fast response time, our VALORANT players will have the tools to fully immerse themselves in the game and focus on getting that win!”
Kevin ‘Noizeeh’ Jaskiewicz, VALORANT Team Manager, EXCEL ESPORTS

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