EXCEL ESPORTS announces partnership with Europe’s leading system integrator, PCSpecialist

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British competitive gaming culture brand, EXCEL ESPORTS, is pleased to announce Europe’s leading system integrator PCSpecialist as the organisation's new Official Gaming PC Partner. The two-year partnership will see PCSpecialist provide its high-performance systems to EXCEL’s state-of-the-art locations in London and Berlin as well as its professional players to ensure they have the power to perform at maximum potential.

A leader in manufacturing performance custom gaming computers and laptops for over 20 years, PCSpecialist will work closely with EXCEL to continue elevating the UK esports scene with its high-quality, custom-built PCs.

Together, PCSpecialist and EXCEL will create educational and informative content for the UK esports community around the benefits of using premium gaming equipment to help achieve peak performance whilst casual gaming or competing across different titles. The collaboration will also see both brands host bespoke gaming events and support at wider gaming festivals throughout the year, as well as exciting giveaways for EXCEL’s expansive global community.

PCSpecialist is the latest to join EXCEL’s distinguished group of partners which also includes Just Eat, JD Sports, Sony INZONE and their long-standing collaboration with EE. EXCEL has also made several other exciting announcements recently, including the reveal of the organisation's new female VALORANT team, marking the beginning of EXCEL’s’ journey into VCT Game Changers with the hope to empower and inspire the next generation of women in esports.

“As avid gamers and esports fans, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with EXCEL ESPORTS as part of our commitment to esports in both the UK and Europe. Our goal is to enable players to achieve their maximum potential through the power of PCSpecialist systems while showcasing our premium build quality and performance-focused components. We look forward to collaborating over the next 2 years on some exciting community-focused activities, events and bespoke content” - PCSpecialist Marketing Specialist, Robb Boyd
"We are excited to announce PCSpecialist as our new Official Gaming PC Partner. Having access to high-performance custom computers and laptops is an essential part of any esports organisation. It’s critical we have the best PC system in the business that we can trust and rely on at our HQs in London and Berlin and using PCSpealist's high-performance custom computers allow us to perform at the highest level day in and day out.” - EXCEL ESPORTS Head of Partnerships, Sha Rasti

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