Introducing EE Ultimate Gamer

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Today EE,the UK's best mobile network, and British competitive gaming culture brand EXCEL ESPORTS announce the launch of EE Ultimate Gamer. The event includes a six-hour Twitch stream held on the 30th of March and will see four famous UK personalities compete against each other across three separate games, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and FIFA 22, in a house all powered by EE’s Full Fibre broadband.


EE Ultimate Gamer will feature famous faces including comedian Munya Chawawa, EXCEL’s professional Fortnite player Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman and TikToker Ollie Ball and Royal Raven’s content creator Angelika ‘ImAngelikaa’ Slon

Each competitor will play five rounds of Halo Infinite, FIFA, and Forza on EE’s Full Fibre broadband, and the player with the highest total of kills, goals and race position finishes across all three titles will be crowned EE’s Ultimate Gamer!

How do i watch?

The stream will be hosted by esports personality Adam Savage live from a house fully powered by EE’s Full Fibre broadband with broadcast production from GINX TV, streamed live on EXCEL's Twitch

“You mean I get to game as part of my work?! I’m in heaven - EE Ultimate Gamer, prepare to face the lean, mean Zimbabwean button-bashing machine!”
Comedian, Munya Chawawa
“EXCEL and EE share a joint passion for creating entertaining events and content for the UK gaming community, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of EE Ultimate Gamer!"
Commercial Director - Mark Carter
“This new gaming experience produced by EE and competitive gaming culture brand EXCEL is another new and exciting way to showcase the power of EE’s Full Fibre broadband. As the best network for gaming, we know how important it is for gamers to have great connection while playing and streaming. With EE’s Full Fibre, this 6-hour streaming experience will be a seamless and uninterrupted one.”
Director of Marketing Communications at EE, Pete Jeavons

EE’s Full Fibre broadband can handle anything. It enables users to connect 100 devices simultaneously with an ultrafast gigabit connection on brand new cutting-edge broadband technology, powered by BT. The strength of EE’s Full Fibre broadband is perfect for busy connected homes providing extra capacity for multiple online gaming users for the ultimate gaming experience, boxset bingeing, live streaming on social media and everything in between.


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