Insomnia68 wrap up

XL news

That's a wrap.

Thank you to everyone who came by, we hope you had a great time.

Check out our recap below.

The booth

A custom booth made with the fans in mind. The booth featured a merch stall, a Mattb customs x JD custom trainer collaboration, PS5's for free play and a 10 PC set-up for free play and tournaments

front of the stand
back of the stand

The tournaments

5 tournaments over 4 days with tonnes of prizes

a picture of the tournaments
picture of pc set-up with wolfiez
picture 3 of the pcs
fifa tournament winner

Meet and play against Wolfiez

The chance to test your skills against the World Cup runner up.

meet and greet with Wolfiez 1
wolfiez meet and greet 2
wolfiez landscape

Mattb customs x JD

In collaboration with JD we gave the chance for our community and attendees of i68 to win one of a kind custom trainers.

mattb customs stall
custom excel trainers
fortnite tournament winner
mattb customs x gadget show

The community

After 2 years of no in-person events, we wanted to do something special for not only our community but the gaming community at large. There's more events to come.

the community
community picture
community picture signups
community enjoying themselves
Community at the stand

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