EXCEL ESPORTS signs Alive and Foxie to their VALORANT roster

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EXCEL ESPORTS is pleased to announce that Gilad ‘Alive’ Hakim and Tyler ‘Foxie’ Lowton will be joining its VALORANT roster as the team's newest Duelist and In-Game Leader.

The additions of Alive and Foxie mark EXCEL’s commitment to becoming a true contender in Europe and being a part of VALORANT exciting and developing ecosystem.

At EXCEL, we are constantly striving for success and are thrilled to bring these incredibly talented players to our team... are looking forward to working closely with Alive and Foxie and utilising their talents to help us achieve our goals!
Esports Director, Tim Reichert

A headshot specialist from Israel, Alive joins EXCEL as the team's newest Duelist. Formerly competing in Overwatch, Alive’s experience has equipped him to master his using abilities and hitting smooth headshots. Specialising in the sniper, he typically uses the Operator or the Marshal in-game and is constantly feared by the enemy whenever they decide to peek their heads out.

Based in Manchester, England, ‘Foxie’ joins EXCEL’s VALORANT roster from Team Queso as the In-Game Leader. Having always taken on the role of being an In-Game Leader, Foxie has an impressive background in H1Z1 and Apex Legends and is renowned for his positive attitude and always shooting incredibly hard while competing.

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