Excel Esports’ LEC Playoff Debut: Caedrel Speaks To The Team

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Three weeks ago, Excel Esports made history. We qualified for the LEC playoffs for the first time ever.

The team strutted into the LEC studio in Berlin to wipe the floor with German org SK Gaming, in a resounding win that secured EXCEL’s spot in the playoffs.

The LEC team strike a pose
The LEC team are ready for battle
Excel player Nukeduck models the XLPlayoffs hoodie
Nukeduck rocking the exclusive XLPLAYOFFS hoodie
Mikyx is ready for playoffs
The exclusive, legendary XLPLAYOFFS trainers
Markoon and Nukeduck modelling the new XLPLAYOFFS hoodie
Finn's battle cry heading into playoffs weekend

Would we have achieved such a feat with Caedrel in the jungle? Nobody can say for sure (it's a no by the way). But he isn’t in the jungle, and we’re in the LEC playoffs, which commences this weekend (Friday 25th). POG.

Caedrel is nevertheless a prized member of the EXCEL franchise. Our very own content creator, streamathoner and League-gigabrain spoke with the players this week. They face Team Vitality in an elimination series on Sunday 27th.

As we look ahead to the weekend, here are the highlights from Caedrel’s chat with Nukeduck, Patrik, Markoon, Finn, and Mikyx.

Playoffs preview: Power rankings, MVP, and Finn in NA

EXCEL versus Team Vitality on Sunday is a high-stakes best-of-5. Despite us placing above Team Vitality during the regular season, we still begin in the loser’s bracket; one series loss and we will be eliminated. Sadge. 

But one series win, on the other hand, and Team Vitality are out. The match is all or nothing, and the boys are confident. “I just can’t see us losing to Vitality, put it that way.” said Mikyx, EXCEL’s star support and former teammate of Team Vitality's mid-laner Perkz (not to be confused with British teacher and Midlander Emily Perkins).

“If you didn’t know, a little fun fact, Markoon right there is 4-0 against Selfmade in his professional career, so I think he’s gonna make it a 7-0 after this week.”
EXCEL Support - Mikyx

Asked to rank the current LEC playoff teams (excluding EXCEL), EXCEL top-laner Finn told Caedrel: “I would probably put Rogue at first, then probably Fnatic second, then G2, Vitality, and then Misfits.”

Nukeduck thinks Misfits’ Vetheo was probably the MVP of the Spring regular season, ran close by Fnatic’s Hylissang, both of whom made the LEC All-Pro 1st team. All three All-Pro squads were announced earlier this week; EXCEL’s ADC Patrik made the 3rd team. Congratulations Patrik. His response?

“Uhh, yeah… uhh, that’s nice. Uhh… thanks.” Cheers Patrik. Expressive as ever; he does his talking on The Rift.

Caedrel asked Finn about NA, given he played there for Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) last season. “You’ve come back from NA. What are your thoughts on NA overall as a region? ‘Cause at the start of the split it was basically [Team Liquid AKA] team LEC, TSM which was team LPL, you’ve got Korea-9. Do you think NA has levelled up?”

Despite CLG’s struggles last season, Finn responded: “Uhh, yeah, I think for sure [NA is] better than last year at least, from what I’ve seen. I think last year everyone was like, pretty meh. … There was just like, no real threat from any team, all of them were a bit messy, but now that’s maybe funny, because I was 10th.”

“You’re the meh-est of them all,” Mikyx laughed.

"Getting back to Europe and getting rank 1 was very important for me to show that I can still compete. And then obviously getting to play for EXCEL was a great chance as well. I’m happy I’m here."
EXCEL Top lane - Finn

At the end of the interview, Caedrel asked about the meta heading into playoffs. The players glanced at one another, smiling sheepishly. “Yeah, we have a lot of new picks coming up,” Markoon said.

“The new patch has completely shaken things up,” Mikyx said.



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