EXCEL will be welcoming two new faces to the VALORANT roster - Rubino and Moe40. EXCEL has signed Rubino from Team Heretics, who has been one of the most successful European VALORANT rosters to date, and Moe joins EXCEL after a previous successful stint at Fnatic. 

“Rubino brings a wealth of experience to the roster, having previously competed at the highest level in Counter-Strike and is a great personality to have in the team.”

“Moe is an incredibly talented player who has already accomplished a lot in VALORANT and we believe he still has room to grow with the experience around him in this roster.” 

In addition, EXCEL will be moving Happy to the in-game leader role, given his level of understanding of how to play the game and his ability to share his vast tournament winning experience with the team. EXCEL believes Happy will thrive in this role. 

With this squad, EXCEL expects to be challenging the best teams in Europe and hope that in the not too distant future that they will win its first major VALORANT trophy.