British competitive gaming culture brand EXCEL ESPORTS is excited to announce that Fortnite superstar Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman, the youngest Fortnite player to win a million, will be starring in the Amazon Prime Video DocuSeries GameBreakers which will premiere on February 14th.  

Wolfiez’s episode documents his life after winning over $1 million at the Fortnite World Cup and navigating life after such a massive achievement at only 15 years old. It provides a deep dive into the path to this momentous milestone and how EXCEL is helping him plan for the future. 

Ahead of the Fortnite World Cup, Jaden promised he would buy his mum a house with his winnings and just over a year later he did exactly that. Jaden decked out his gaming room with a top of the range set up and even brought a husky dog and named it Wolfiez. 

The episode will make its official premiere on Amazon Prime on Sunday, February 14th at UK: & US: 

The official trailer for the documentary can be found over on the EXCEL’s Twitter here

GameBreakers profiles the exceptional streamers, personalities, and esports professionals who are renowned innovators and trailblazers and are changing the face of online gaming and streaming. Each episode of the series will showcase the personal journey of different creators and individuals who represent a cross-section of the diversity across the gaming and streaming communities. Season 1 profiles DieHardBirdie, Autumn Rhodes, Gary “Gizzy Gazza” Merritt, Alicia "AliciaXLife" Junus, Mr. Moss & Clutch, EXCEL’s Wolfiez