About us

Our History

November 2014

Pub Conversation

February 2015

AM2PRO First Event

February 2015

GFINITY FIFA Invitational first event win

August 2015

First League of Legends Roster

January 2016

Qualified for COD World League S1

February 2016

Halo WC EMEA Regionals 2nd place

March 2016

Attend Halo World Championship

April 2016

Sold COD CWL team

July 2017

GFINITY Elite Series 1

September 2017

Street Fighter V Elite Series 1 Champs

September 2017

Qualified for RLCS

November 2017

ESL UK Winners

February 2018

First ever UK LOL team house

June 2018

Angel investor Guinevere Capital join

June 2018

175 page business plan submitted to LEC and business investors

July 2018

Investment group JRJ join

November 2018

Joined LEC

January 2019

New brand logo

January 2019

First LEC Win

April 2019

Announced Twickeham Stadium as our HQ

April 2019

Rotterdam LEC spring finals

June 2019

Belong Gaming Arenas join as official arena partner

June 2019

HyperX join as official peripherals partner

July 2019

Twitch London meetup

August 2019

Insomnia gaming festival 65

September 2019

UKLC finals at Twickenham

September 2019

Summer LEC finals at Athens

October 2019

BBC onboard to do XL documentary

October 2019

EGX activation with HyperX

December 2019

Fabian and Joey welcomed

January 2020

BT welcomed as lead partner

January 2020

Leadership additions

January 2020

Belong Oxford Street

January 2020

NeoSurf Cup

May 2020

Welcomed Wolfiez, expanded into Fortnite

June 2020

Wolfiez 2nd place FNCS

November 2020

New brand, The Power of Better introduced

November 2020

Dele Welcomed

January 2021

BBC documentary released

January 2021

Chupa Chups join as official candy partner

March 2021

Beyond NRG join as official energy drink partner